Self-service kiosk

Our self-service kiosk is located on our farm at 790 Ch. du Lac-Gale in Bromont in the Eastern Township of Quebec. The Kiosk is open 24h/24, 7 days a week, from April to Mid-November. Both cash, Debit/Credit card and prepaid card payment are available***.


How does a Self-Service Kiosk work ?

As its name suggests, this model invites our customers to choose their items and proceed to payment by themself, in a totally autonomous way. Based on trust and honesty, our self-service kiosk allows us to devote more time to agricultural tasks out in the field, thus ensuring better quality vegetables.


***Please note that we encourage cash or Debit payment over Credit to reduce the high fees taken from Credit companies. Those fees, unfortunately, are becoming a threat to the sustainability of small businesses like us.

Thanks for your understanding and contribution.

Prepaid card

The prepaid card – formerly known as “Ardoise prépayée” at the farm – is a payment method that offers flexibility to those who chose it,while supporting us and contributing to the success of the farm.The card can be used at the self-service kiosk of our farm for the entire season, from April to November, and gives you access to all the products available. It can be topped up at any time using the Square tab below.

* Please note: Remaining balances cannot be carried over to the following year or refunded. Make sure you use your entire balance before the end of the season.


How does it work: Click on the link below to be redirected to our Square store. Enter your details, and select the amount you’d wish to add to your card. You’ll receive an e-mail with the number of your virtual card and the possibility of recharging it at any time. You’ll find the same Square boutique at our self-service kiosk, on which you can debit your purchases simply by using your card number!


Buy a prepaid card

Local products and partnerships

You’ll find at the kiosk – in addition to a wide selection of organic vegetables grown on site – a variety of products from other local producers with whom we share eco-responsable values.

La Ferme d’à Côté

Free-range eggs and grain-fed chicken.
**Available at the kiosk or by subscription.

La Mie bretonne

Organic bread and buns, frozen pastries and frozen pizza dough.
**Available at the kiosk or by subscription.

Patch Farm, Cheeky Creek, Les jardins en mouvements

Meat; Ground beef, Bacon, Sausages, Rillette, Pepperoni…

L’arôme des champs

Organic Sunflower oil



Blumen and Rose Blanche

Sustainable Flowers


Honey, Maple sirup, Jam, Dumpling, Sauerkraut, Hot sauce, Fruits and berries, Beverages, Ground coffee, Cheese…


And much more!

With these partnerships, we want to ensure access to a diversity of quality products at our kiosk, but also to highlight the expertise of local producers. We’re then hoping to contribute to the promotion of eco-responsable and local agriculture as well as encouraging local economy.