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Need more information? Feel free to send us your questions by email or by phone (see below). We’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for participating in the success of our local, organic and sustainable agriculture!

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    What’s the advantage of subscribing to a CSA basket, rather than coming to the self-service kiosk ?

    Subscribing to our CSA basket is one of the best ways to support us ; it gives us the necessary start-up funds to purchase seeds, supplies and soil amendments. By doing so, it ensures us a healthy and economically viable farm business. We alway try to offer our early exclusives vegetables to our CSA basket subscribers. The CSA basket guarantees you a supply of fresh and diverse vegetables every week for the entire summer season (19 weeks), as the quantity and diversity of veggies at the kiosk may vary according to how busy it gets.

    What happens to my basket if I go on vacation?

    You can take up to 2 weeks of “vacation basket” during the season. How ? Pause your CSA basket during your vacation and receive it later within the season; you’ll then receive a double basket – for the week of your choosing – for each week of vacation that your basket was paused (up to 2 weeks). **It is mandatory to notify us by email – at least two weeks in advance – to benefit from the “vacation basket”. This allows us to adjust our planification accordingly and avoid wasting vegetables. If you’re planning to take more than 2 weeks vacation, or if you are unable to pick up your basket, we invite you to offer it to someone you know ! Unfortunately, we can’t issue refunds for extended vacations.

    ** Bromont customers: you can now be credited for the value of your “vacation baskets” at the self-service kiosk (applicable only on vegetables from the kiosk and for 1 or 2 weeks of vacation). Contact us for more details!

    When do I have to pay for my subscription?

    You can pay for your subscription in a single payment (when you subscribe) or in two equal payments (when you subscribe and by June).